How the Paradis Valley Honey Bear Came to be!

How the Paradis Valley Honey Bear Came to be!

Oh, hi there fellow honey-lover! Welcome to the blog of Paradis Valley Honey, home to the best honey in the whole country! Trust me, I would know. You see, I’m a bear! Born and raised right here in Alberta. But, my adventures have taken me across the country to the maritimes and back here, where I finally settled. 

So, you must be wondering how I know that Paradis Valley Honey is the best honey in the country? Well, it all started back when I was a young cub. I still lived with my mama, I did. She had a real sweet tooth too. But not like mine. You see, my sweet tooth lets me distinguish all of the different flavours in honey. I can pick out the delicate taste of blueberry flowers, the scent of black-eyed susans, and so many other flavours! Once my mama discovered my gift, we started exploring honey from across the country.


Illustration of beekeeper tending to a hive

Sometimes, we would sneak into the woods and climb up into the trees to find bee hives. Ooooh boy! That got me in trouble sometimes! Young cubs aren’t so smart, you see. This one time I thought a branch was thick enough to hold me up, but then I came crashing to the ground! But I didn’t stay there for long. The sweet scent of honey had me up in seconds! Luckily, the bee swarm fell down with the branch and I got to eat all of the honey.

Anyhow, we explored and searched for the best honey all the way out east. But, by the time we got to Nova Scotia, everything (even the honey!) tasted like fish and lobsters! I’m a bear and I do like fish. But, for me, honey is really where it’s at. I was ready to leave! But, my mama decided to stay in Nova Scotia. She met another nice grizzly bear out there and they’re still eating fish everyday! I, on the other hand, was on a mission. I returned to Alberta, still searching for Canada’s tastiest honey.  

One day I was walking along the Smoky River and I noticed the most enticing scent. Following my nose, I found myself in what I thought was heaven itself! I couldn’t believe my eyes! There were rows upon rows of hives, all waiting for me to try the delicious, golden honey inside! I opened hive after hive, dipping my paws into the sweetest, most flavourful honey I’d ever tried. That’s when I found my home: Paradis Valley Honey.

Now I can’t live right on the Paradis Valley Honey farm because there’s no way Danny and Ginette would allow that, I would scare away the customers at the Valley Bee Cafe! Instead, I live in the woods nearby. Whenever I get the chance, I sneak over and grab some honey. Sometimes, I even take some back to the woods with me. That way, I can drink tea and honey while reading a good book.


Illustration of bear eating honey


Ah, that’s the good life isn’t it? Honey, tea, a book, and the Smoky River flowing nearby. 

When I’m feeling creative, I get out some paper and crayons and colour while drinking my tea and honey. What’s that? You like to colour too? Well, you’re in luck! Paradis Valley Honey has FREE colouring pages of yours truly! You can colour my glossy brown fur, and even see my fabulous honey jar! All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter and Ginette will send you the beary best colouring pages! 

Well, I’d better go now. I can hear the honey pot calling me….

P.S. I hear that humans all have their own names. But, my mama never gave me a name. I would love to have a name. Do you think you could help me? Ginette says if you post your name suggestions on Facebook or Instagram, she’ll read them to me later and then I can pick one! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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