Make your Well-BEEing a priority!

Make your Well-BEEing a priority!

We are VERY excited to announce our Well-BEEing body care product line! The Well-BEEing Line is everything we dreamed it would be! We have always loved creating healthy options for you, first with our nutritious raw honey and bee pollen, then our Valley Bee Café menu and NOW we also have the opportunity to nourish your body on the outside with the same simple ingredients!  We are excited to have this product available in the Valley Bee Cafe and also on our website, just in time for the holidays so you can stuff those stockings with goodness! Our website is a great place to grab a variety of gifts that nourish as well as our Café! Stop in for a specialty coffee or tea and browse our products for your holiday list! Without further adieu, let’s talk about all the superb new products you can find online and in-store!  

Well Being Soap


Well-BEEing Soap Our sudsy soap line looks good enough to eat! (seriously don’t though, it’s still soap 😉 ) We have received such incredible feedback from those who have tried our soaps! Those with sensitive skin have expressed an appreciation for the simple ingredients in our soap as it is extremely gentle and also smells truly AMAZING, there is no lingering residue and those who have tried it rave about how soft their skin is left feeling! We have selected the following scents because we fell in love with them, and we know you will too: Black Raspberry, Lavender and Honey Oat – delightful!


Well Being Lotion
Well-BEEing Lotion You can feel really good about applying this creamy lotion with its simple ingredients and delectable scents. Our Well-BEEing lotions leave you with nothing, but soft and fresh feeling skin! The Black Raspberry is sure to be a favourite to those who love a crisp scent, the Lavender is a classic scent that will relax you and moisturize your skin at the same time, and the Honey oat will soothe your skin, leaving it feeling soothed. It makes for a thoughtful gift for your favourite teacher or student.
Well being Body Scrub
Well-BEEeing Body Scrub Our Well-BEEing Body Scrub comes in our three signature scents of Black Raspberry, Lavender and Honey Oat and will be your new favourite scrub! With simple ingredients, our scrub is effective and gentle on even the most sensitive of skin. Make sure you grab yourself one before they are all gone!
Well Being Body Wash
Well-BEEeing Body Wash Isn’t it often the case that some products either smell really good OR work really well. Good news, we have BOTH covered with our Well-BEEing body wash! Whether you prefer the Black Raspberry, Lavender or the Honey Oat, we know that you will fall in love with our effective body wash. Stock up now, before they sell out!
Well Being Lip Balm
Well-BEEing Lip Balm A simple, effective lip balm for only $5?? Start the car!!! 😉 At this price, you can stuff those stockings with one of each scent. And you are going to want to try them ALL with scents like these: Vanilla, Coconut and Mint. Winters often result in dry lips, but no worries, our Well-BEEing Lip Balm not only works, but smells scrumptious! Your lips will thank you, do them a favour and order one today!  
Well being Deodorant
Well-BEEeing Deodorant Our Déodorant comes in the fresh scent of Citrus Vanilla and we believe it can compete with the best of them, so you can feel good about what you are putting on your body and smell incredible all day long!! Another great stocking stuffer for your friends and family who appreciate simple and effective ingredients. Order your Well-BEEing deodorant today!  
We are delighted to be able to offer these items just in time for you to treat yourself and your loved ones for the holidays! Each item makes for a great gift for teachers, co-workers and friends alike, or build your own gift basket with products you know you can trust!  We look forward to hearing all about how much you love all the delightful scents along with how exceptionally well the products work! Thank you for supporting our apiary so that we are able to bring our pure passion to yet another line made with products from our hives. From our family hive to your doorstep as mother nature intended.

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