Buzzing Through 2023: A Year in Review

Buzzing Through 2023: A Year in Review

Can you believe it? December has arrived, ushering in the holiday spirit and prompting us to pause amidst the bustling activities to reflect on the whirlwind journey that was 2023.

This year has been a mosaic of challenges and triumphs, with each moment contributing to an incredible narrative worth celebrating. Let's take this moment to revel in the milestones, embrace the growth, and appreciate the remarkable journey we've has this year. 

Milestones and Achievements

In 2023, our journey was adorned with extraordinary milestones and achievements. Our team dedicated tireless efforts to transform fundraising dynamics by introducing fully digitized and environmentally conscious fundraisers for schools, sports teams, and various extracurricular groups. This initiative not only revolutionized traditional fundraising methods but also fortified our commitment to supporting local food banks all the while contributing to the protection of bees—a meaningful endeavour benefiting communities and the environment on multiple levels. (HIGH FIVE!)

Our Keep the Buzz Alive memberships inspired the start of our corporate social responsibility programs. Empowering diverse organizations to play an active part in our beekeeping efforts and together enhancing the health of our planet. 

At our Ag Tourism Cafe, the inception of an interactive challenge sparked engaging dialogues about bee education on a generational level which we love so much! Promising discussions are underway (thanks to Two Twelve Consulting) with an esteemed association to enhance accessibility to our bee education program across Alberta. -A prospect that fills us with enthusiasm!

Furthermore, our Ag Tourism Cafe witnessed an influx of group bookings from schools and nationwide conferences; fostering awareness and appreciation for our bee-friendly initiatives. 

Being honoured with the Leading Edge Award of distinction served as a humbling affirmation, validating the impact of our innovative approach within the industry.

Popular Moments

Throughout the year, our products and services garnered overwhelming support.

We were privileged to be recognized as one of the top sellers at The Glow Collective, a beloved boutique store in Grande Prairie.

Collaborating with Mighty Peace Tourism for various circle tours and being a part of CDEAs route touristique bilingues significantly amplified our visibility. We welcomed diverse visitors to our Watino location where guests have the opportunity to visit our acclaimed Artisans at Work project.

Additionally, being featured in Mercanti Granite's customer gift bags continues to be an honour that further bolsters our reach and overall community engagement.

We are deeply grateful for the support from these incredible partners as we continue to expand and grow! #ItTakesaVillage

Lessons Learned and Growth

This year presented us with a tapestry of challenges that ultimately became vessels for invaluable lessons. We embraced resilience in the face of obstacles and found solace in adaptability, fortifying our dedication to sustainable beekeeping practices and community involvement.

The feedback from our audience served as a compass, guiding our content and business strategies towards a more community-driven approach. Participating in educational programs like The Growth Catalyst at Mount Royal University and Venture Park Labs Accelerator has been pivotal in our development; setting the stage for what promises to be an exciting 2024!

Community Engagement and Highlights

The unwavering support from our community has been the cornerstone of our journey. Engaging with our customers both in person and online has been a source of immense joy for us and our staff. The testimonials and feedback we've received have fuelled our passion and reinforced our commitment to crafting meaningful products and innovative initiatives.

Bee Health and Honey Harvest

Our bee colonies showed promising signs of robust health with 1880 colonies emerging strong and thriving after a long winter. We focused on sustaining this momentum by introducing 1800 new queens (that's a lot!) and providing essential nutrition through 4,000lbs of pollen patties and 90 TONS of liquid syrup! Despite our strong and healthy colonies, our honey production suffered! The adverse weather conditions, including untimely rains and dense smoke from wildfires, resulted in a disappointing harvest. In spite of this setback, we are happy to report that our pollen collection remained at an average level. 


Our commitment to excellence in beekeeping is reflected in our participation in vital programs such as the Alberta Tech Transfer Program facilitated by the Alberta Beekeepers Commission and the Alberta Surveillance Program managed by the Government of Alberta. These initiatives grant us invaluable insights into our colonies' health, enhancing our capabilities as beekeepers, adding significant value to our work.

As the bees settle into their winter hibernation; we take this time to rest our weary bodies, hopeful that our diligent care throughout the year will ensure the bees' well-being during this period.

Gratitude and Joy

Amidst our journey's professional triumphs, we find ourselves deeply grateful for the simple joys that enrich our lives. Health, above all, is a treasure we cherish dearly. It's the cornerstone that allows us to pursue our passions and aspirations. In a world filled with uncertainties, we count our good health as a blessing that enables us to keep moving forward, embracing each day with enthusiasm.

Family holds a special place in our hearts. Spending quality time with our loved ones brings immeasurable joy and a sense of grounding. Whether it's sharing stories around the dinner table, embarking on adventures together, or simply relishing moments of togetherness, these experiences form the essence of what we hold dear.

Nature is our sanctuary—the ultimate source of rejuvenation and inspiration. Immersing ourselves in the beauty of the outdoors, witnessing the dance of the seasons, and feeling the earth beneath our feet is where we find solace. From challenging hikes along winding trails to the melodies of bird songs at dawn; nature offers us a sense of serenity amidst life's hustle.

In weaving these personal threads into the fabric of our year, we've found much to be grateful for. As we reflect on the strides made in 2023, we carry forward the gratitude for these simple pleasures that infuse our lives with warmth and meaning.

Looking Ahead to 2024

As we prepare to step into 2024, our compass points unwaveringly towards innovation and sustainability. We're thrilled about upcoming projects aimed at enhancing accessibility to bee education and expanding our brand footprint. Anticipate an array of enriched content, innovative offerings, collaborations, and immersive experiences in the coming year!

As we bid farewell to 2023, we extend our deepest gratitude to our followers, customers and community for their steadfast support. Your enthusiasm and encouragement fuel our dedication to co-creating a brighter, more sustainable future for our beloved bees!

We invite you to reflect on your cherished highlights and experiences from this year and share them with us... we love hearing your stories!

Thank you for being an essential part of this buzzing journey!

Here's to the exhilarating journey ahead! 

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